The success of The Badgers Cricket Club is down to the culture and ethos on which it is predicated. There are no stars and no hiding place. Everyone has a bat and everyone has a bowl... The drama locked into this enduring strategy produces many exciting highs and lows and numerous minor personal triumphs and disasters. Lines from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ were, of course, written to describe The Badgers Cricket Club.

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We have no real home, no clubhouse, no pavilion; but we play all home games in Underhill Park in the Mumbles, Swansea.

If you would like to contact us please email
our Chairman Peter Blyth,
our Captain Dave Smith  or
our Secretary Chris Price.

Over the next two seasons we will be supporting the fantastic local charity Crossroads, which supports young carers in the area and allows them to partake in the type of activities which most children and young people take for granted.

Badgers welcomed by Lord & Lady Mayor

Great Night had by all at Mansion House Reception

2016 marks the fortieth year of the Badgers Cricket Club and to avoid disappointment it was decided that we should get our celebrations in first. This beano at the Mansion house was thoroughly enjoyable and the turn out was beyond expectations and hopefully an indicator that player numbers this season will not disappoint.

Many thanks are due to our president for making the stratospheric arrangements and generously making sure her charges did not have to forgo their need for constant refreshment. Thanks too to our chairman for presiding over affairs and to Rhys for his work behind the bar. Above all thanks to the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress for hosting this reception and making everyone feel welcome.

It was good to catch up with so many friends after a long damp winter. The fatted calf fled the byre as the prodigal vice captain made a welcome appearance and it was particularly pleasing to see so many wives and girlfriends supporting this event.

Our president made sure that the correct focus was set for this celebratory year by inviting two special guests Kelsey and Tegan to represent the young carers of Swansea whom the Badgers aim to support. They seemed to enjoy the evening especially the cream cakes.

Happily there were too many to name individually but photographs were taken of the assembled number and will be posted as evidence.

Only two of our vice presidents were in attendance so unfortunately, we will have to wait for the full complement to perform their promised reenactment of the celebrated sketch on class from The Frost Show in tribute to Ronnie Corbett. Perhaps Alex can schedule that into the Salop gallop later in the year.

As thoughts now turn to cricket, we can only hope that the season produces better fare than the proverbial aftermath of the Lord Mayor's Show. At least we can try and give the medics a taste of their own medicine.

Dates for diary

 St Fagans V Cardiologists - Sunday 22nd May

Tour - Cound, Shropshire, 24th-26th June

Lords Trip - Thurs 28th July

40th Anniversary Dinner- Fri 9th Sept

Latest book news

The long awaited and highly anticipated written account of the touring Badgers will be hitting our shops soon. Our secretary continues to tweet Tuffers on a daily basis in an attempt to eek out a forward.

Our scribe, Johnny Mac, is spending late nights in candlelight with his quill and ink detailing our French adventures to complete the final chapter. We’re hoping it reaches the shops before Christmas 2031.

Here’s a taster;

“The Beatles basked in the glow of adoration from thousands of nubile young women wherever they went, Cliff Richard still has to be wary of the overenthusiastic attention of the more mature admirer and the Badgers have their followers too. In recent years Colin, Dave and the two Mikes have formed the loyal support group. They are an essential element of a successful tour. As ex players it is the legacy of their wit and wisdom that has built the camaraderie and ethos that now exists and of course there is no divide, we are all friends brought together by the shared love for a maddening game”.


New portrait of our Captain
Rhodri Thomas unveiled

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Discover the good, the bad and the ugly about every member of the glorious Badgers.


What a delight! The Badgers Annus Memorabilis got off to a spectacular start

The artist teasingly chose oils, the traditional medium of portraiture, to convey the seriousness of his subject and the significance of this moment in history. Like all the great exponents of their craft this artist shows himself to be a true master of the renaissance techniques but applies them in a fresh and somewhat startling way. The seductive use of colour, the incisive depth of tone and texture added to the understated brushwork gives us much to contemplate in this fascinating study. The eclectic yet inimitable style borrows much from the traditional journeymen colourists in the field whose greatest exponent Joshua Reynolds was not averse to the use of subversive symbolism which he himself had found in the works of Rembrandt and Vellasquez. Here there are no rules. Where Lucien Freud would have centred in on a particular flaw and made it a lens through which we view the subject our artist simply hints at imperfection with a cavalier yet brilliant dash of tangential lines. Where Hockney might emphasise the incongruity of human form in an urban landscape our artist generously allows us to do the work. The composition of disembodied head, while acknowledging the classical patrician stereotype familiar in ancient Rome, also almost unwittingly informs the converse interpretation of post modernist freedom. Unconstrained by the physical constraints of space and time our artist led by the liberating influence of Howard Hodgkin embraces the concept of art living beyond the frame. Where the confident smile and clear honest eye seem superficially to describe the subject, there remains a complexity not immediately apparent, expressed in the layers of paint built up as artist and subject became more intimately entwined. This happy conjuction of Dadism and Welsh Romanticism is a truly appetising challenge for the viewer. As our artist draws us in to his work he is both provocative and compliant hinting subtley not only to the simple approximate representation of form but the reflected simplicity that is in all of us. Unfortunately, this is an unattributed work, but surely as further examples enter the public domain, signed or unsigned, the unmistakable signature will be recognised.

For now let us all regain our breath and applaud a tour de force.


Would you like to join us?

We can’t guarantee high quality cricket, we can’t guarantee you’ll always be on the winning side, we can’t even guarantee you’ll bat every week…

What we can guarantee is good cricket, good fun, a game every Thursday summer evening, chips in the pub post-match, tours to exotic and far-flung places, the company of decrepit old farts and various opportunities to drink, eat and enjoy yourself.

If you fancy it why not contact our captain Rhodri Tomos Tel 07917 003644

Chairman’s Reflections

We had a fantastic season over 2015; a full fixture list; the weather being (generally) kind; our first international tour; an enjoyable garden party hosted by Alex & Rhian; beach cricket and BBQ hosted by Rito and Pam; an enjoyable charity game in Mumbles; two trips to Cardiff…






Captain’s Reflections

Click here to read our Captain’s reflections on the 2015 season in relation to the playing side.

A Year of Celebration

2016 brings our 40th anniversary ... We have a jam packed fixture list; will be touring in Shropshire; will be visiting Lords to tour the ground and watch a 20-20; and in September will be having a special dinner open to all former Badgers... We are going to enjoy



Underhill Park, Mumbles, Swansea



CAPTAIN - Dave Smith 07941 255846

VICE CAPTAIN - Simon Jones 07590 677504

Guildhall Pitches - 3.30-4.30pm - 635411