who's who

Anthony Bidder

Signed from Pontarddulais Male Choir CC after a dubious caught and bowled at the annual charity match at St. Helen’s.  A genuine leg spin bowler and across the line batsmen – the only Badger in history to take guard on off stump.

Most important of all, a fine bottom bass.

Peter Blyth

 Badgers Chairman and [liquid] dietitian, a [very] long-serving Badger and fine all-rounder, on and off the pitch. Recently he achieved a most rare feat - a fifer (3 overs, 1 maiden, 5 wickets for 4 runs), having also managed to make sure his uncle was playing that evening to witness the bowloing tour de force!

 Dave Bratley

Keeping the family connection alive, following Vice-president, Dave Harris, to the Badgers.

A grenade launcher from the Chris Price school of bowling, and not bad with the bat also.

 Alex Chase

Surgeon #3. Achiever of a most notable feat, a Badgers 50!

Most notably, probably the best harmoniser in the history of the club.  A committee meeting of the choristers within the team failed to agree which part Alex sings, but they were agreed it always sounded tidy.

(He also pulls out all the stops for an effortless BBQ.)


 Phil Connor

Turns up when Fred lets him, and always goes home dirty, being the best fielder in the team. Also known to chip in with bat and ball when necessary.

 Simon Jones

 Vice-captain, in name, now returned fresh after a few seasons absence. A fine bowler and a very fine batsman, the life and soul of the party (read into that what you will), and contributes Australian soap theme tunes to the famous Badgers singing.

 Paul Labbett

The Beast.

Lost his wedding ring during his Badgers debut, injured at the next match, it is no wonder his wife doesn’t trust him on tour. This is a great shame for the team, as his bowling prowess matches the length of his run-up.  Knows how to swing a bat too.


 Steve Lisle

Newest member of the youth team, with his contributions with bat and ball moving in opposite direction. Would be a top scorer if it wasn’t for Dave Smith.

John MacNulty

A former vice-captain and very experienced Badger, now making even more valuable contributions in the Badgers literary world. Author of the upcoming Pulitzer Prize-winning book chronicling the history of the Badgers on tour.

Rito Mitra

Overseas player; fast-medium bowler and slogger; couldn’t organize a curry in an Indian, but can arrange beach cricket and a BBQ while guaranteeing sunshine and a low tide.

Surgeon #1, and has brought along two other surgeons so far, securing his membership of the Badgers for the near future.

Chris Price

Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Tour Organiser, wicket-keeper and joint-deputy-vice-captain.

He taught Dave Bratley and Alex Chase to bowl, and is also the hat-trick fixer, helping father and son to hat-tricks in the same season.

A fine Badger for many years to come, his contributions to the team are invaluable on and off the field.


David Rees

4-wicket-haul Rees (not that he likes to talk about it), and the only Badger to set his own field. His specialties include kind lobs to deep mid-on and not bowling to his field.

A past Secretary and Fixtures Secretary, a fine Badger of many decades. Still a regular umpire even if not fit to play.

Alyn Ridler

 A Badger of many years for such a young(ish) lad, and after a promising start to his career he now bowls like a true Badger (round the wicket behind the second line) and a real slogger at the crease (like a young Rhodri Thomas). A good all-rounder, with regular appearances bringing him back to form, even becoming a leading wicket taker.

Dave Smith

 Vice-captain and Surgeon #2, and one of the finest batsmen to don the Badgers shirt – his highest score is 91 not out, in an 18 over game, with the opening batsman at the other end batting out a maiden for the first over. Has been described as the nearest in the current squad to a ‘real’ cricketer.

Also the Badgers translator for overseas tours (St. Malo and Shropshire), and has even been known to contribute to the singing later in the night.

Iain Sullivan

 A nocturnal Badger, the past Treasurer was seen handing over the sacred ‘Treasurer’s plastic bag’ at the Vivs, before disapearing into the night. He's back now, having lost none of his youthful enthusiasm, sometimes backed up with performances.

Rhodri Thomas

Former Captain, and a Badger of many years’ experience. He never forgets the ‘Badgers spirit’, often snapping defeat from the jaws of victory. One of the best batsmen in the club’s history, others dreaded being at the non-striker’s end for fear of running two when a single wasn’t on.

Still going strong, and took the first hat-trick of his career at the tender age of 58, with a second hat-trick the following season (thanks to a brilliant catch behind by Chris Price for the third wicket).


Gareth Tomos

 Treasurer and deputy-vice-captain.  One of the few genuine swing bowlers in the team (new ball required), and ignoring the charity matches, is economical with the ball.  After many disappointing seasons with the bat, he finally has a couple of half centuries to his name, even after almost being fooled by the cheers on the Badgers 50 mark.

Like his former-captain father, has managed a rare feat for the Badgers by taking a hat-trick – thanks, again, to Chris Price’s stumping.


Iago Harris Bratley

He’s young, he can bowl, he can bat, unfortunately he's now left for university…

Steve Long

Many years as captain during the 00's. Slow accurate bowling, bats like David Gower. Stylish

John Slack

Badgers stalwart, excellent tenor and former vice-captain. Good accurate bowler and solid bat. Who can forget his defiant innings in Dolgellau when he carried his bat for all 35 overs and scored a remarkable 17? (We wish we could). There’s talk of retirement. Surely some mistake.

Roger Brown

Vice President
Many years service to the club. Former Captain, Chairman, and just appointed Vice-President. Always leads the singing on tour. The guy is a Badgers legend.

He is the heart and soul of the team. He has the finest late cut in Swansea. We all love him.

Dave Harris

Vice President
The original Badger who without whom…. His playing days are over, but still turns up to avoid scoring or umpiring.  A Badgers legend.

Colin Webborn

Vice President
Many years service as Secretary and is a fine and respected Badger. Recently appointed Vice-President in light of all he's done for the club.

Only umpires these days, but in his time was a fine, accurate bowler. When he and Roger sing together there’s never a dry eye in the house.


So enthusiastic it’s sometimes difficult to curb.


Alan ‘Shane Worn’ Figg is the past master of seam and spin, an artful dodger who likes to keep a shine on his ball and swears he swings it!   Now retired he is called upon to provide some artful caricatures when required, as his designs for the occasional Badger’s charity game programmes illustrate.


Barry Garrard

In his time, his bowling was from the ‘metronomic’ Glen McGrath school and all from three paces. Never hung around with a bat in his hand either.

Now retired, but always good to see him in Murton cheering the Badgers on.



Underhill Park, Mumbles, Swansea



CAPTAIN - Dave Smith 07941 255846

VICE CAPTAIN - Simon Jones 07590 677504

Guildhall Pitches - 3.30-4.30pm - 635411